399 Crow Road Glasgow G11 7DZ






Around 1920 two brothers, Tom and John Inglis, members of Drumchapel Lawn Tennis Club decided that as there was an ever growing number of tennis enthusiasts in the West-end of Glasgow and a shortage of courts, they would build a new club at Broomhill.


A field of the Scotstoun Estate was in a good position on Crow road and was bought by them, and thereafter four blaes courts were laid by Messrs Stutts of Paisley. A basic wooden clubhouse was built, and in 1922 Broomhill Lawn Tennis Club was formed and was officially opened by Baillie William Paterson.


The club was run as a going concern by Tom Inglis until his death in 1947. At that time the members approached Mrs Inglis with a view to buying the club and she generously offered it at a nominal price of £1,400. This amount was collected by the issue of 4% Term Loans from the members, and in 1948 the clubhouse and grounds – including Glasgow Corporation bus seats which provided the main seating – became the sole property of the members. At that time the Men’s 1st team was in Division 5 and the 2nd team in Division 11. There were two Ladies teams, with the 1st team in Division 3.


The courts by this time had increased to six in number with a membership of nearly two hundred and fifty. With a very go-ahead committee, dances, whist drives, and fetes made sure that the Loans were all paid back within three years.


During the 1950’s on every second Saturday – alternating with Woodend Tennis Club – the club organised regular dances, with most nights all 200 tickets being sold out. They became so popular that in 1955 the BBC broadcast the Saturday dances, with bands such as the George Henderson Quartet, and The Bunny Holliday Sextet. Also on certain Mondays, Jazz nights were held featuring famous bands such as the famous Clyde Valley Stompers. If the gents felt like a pint (ladies did not drink in these days!), then a quick trip to Tennents in Byres road slaked their thirst. They could not take too long, however, as the dances only lasted from 7.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. The code of dress for the fashion conscious male in the 1950’s was an Austin Reed suit, obligatory narrow cut trousers, with a slight cut at the ankle to fit over the Italian style pointed shoes. Halcyon days!


Trams were the preferred mode of transport for those who could not afford a Morris Minor! There was a considerable network of trams in the area, with Broomhill being served by a No.17 red tram going from Anniesland to Cambuslang; a No. 21 green tram went from Anniesland to Elderslie; and the No. 24 yellow tram travelled from Anniesland, via Broomhill Cross and Byres Road, to Battlefield.




A forgotten tradition, long since ceased, for worn out tennis players was the cup of tea and the ‘jammy piece’. During the 1950’s and into the 1960’s committee members took it in turns in the evening to supply any member when they came off court with a cup of tea and a jam sandwich – all for the princely sum of two pence (one pence in our current decimal money)!


A well known tennis playing member in the 1950’s was Arthur Shaw. Arthur featured in the well known radio programme The McFlannels, and played the part of Peter McFlannel. The programme was the most popular in its day, and was listened to as much as the popular soaps are viewed today on television.


In 1956 Broomhill introduced the first full-scale floodlighting of a tennis court in the West of Scotland. The lighting, which was a copy of a scheme built by a London club, was erected at a cost of only £120! The winter of 1956 saw tennis being played at night right through into the New Year, when also a third men’s team was formed.


An amusing story is remembered of the eccentric Glasgow millionaire, A.E. Pickard, a club member, who lived nearby in Mitre Road. During a friendly billiards match with fellow club member Stewart Kilpatrick, it was suggested that they ‘play for the table’ – normally meaning whatsoever stakes were on the table. A. E. Pickard lost the match, but took the bet literally, and within a few days had replaced the current dilapidated table with a brand new three quarters size billiards table!


By 1963 the first threats of a Compulsory Purchase Order for the approach roads of the Clyde Road Tunnel were looming. Thereafter it was confirmed that the Club would lose a substantial piece of ground, resulting in the loss of two match courts, and the re-siting of the remaining four.This gave the Club a chance to think about upgrading the facilities. In the winter of 1965 when the Club was on its annual week-end tennis outing at the Largs Recreation Centre the members played some matches on the new En-Tout-Cas Tennis-Quik courts. It was decided then, what was good enough for the National Sporting Centre, must certainly be good enough for Broomhill.(The ‘older members’ of the Club who remember these annual outings have suggested that there are sufficient stories of the activities at these outings to compile a ‘social sequel’ in addition to the Club’s official history!)   [See page 7 for more details]


The estimated cost for four courts, with two fully floodlit, was the then frightening figure of £8,800. After long and involved meetings with Glasgow Corporation, a settlement for the loss of the ground and the subsequent reinstatement was reached, and which together with a grant from the Scottish Education Department, and the Club’s own funds made up the sum required. In June 1967 at a General Meeting of the members the scheme was given unanimous approval.


In 1967 the men’s first team gained promotion to the top Division1 and won the Senior Calcutta Cup. The second men’s team also gained promotion to Division 3. The new courts were officially opened with an Invitation Floodlit Tournament in January 1968, which consisted of a couple from each of the teams in the men’s Division 1, with newly promoted Broomhill’s men’s team hosting the Tournament.



In 1969 the Club, headed by the then president, Ian Ross, initiated a project to build a new clubhouse. After a great deal of work and effort from the Management Committee, and also the Building Committee under the chairmanship of Jimmy Hunter, the Club raised funding of £7,000 from Scottish and Newcastle Brewers, £2,000 from the Lawn Tennis Association. Also with internal funds including fire damage settlement for the old clubhouse, the Committee found the necessary £17,000 required in order to build the new clubhouse and two squash courts. The Clubhouse was officially opened at the start of the 1973 tennis season with a Mixed Doubles Tournament and also an Invitation Squash Tournament. In his opening day speech, president Ian Kydd categorically denied having anything whatsoever to do with the fire which caused the old clubhouse to burn down, but admitted to being on the short list of some 311 suspects!


The Club continued to grow, with a new breed of talented young players now overtaking the ‘old guard’. Ken Revie, in 1974, became the first ever Scot to win the coveted British U18 Junior Title. He then went on to win the British U21 title in 1977.

Ken became the most capped Scottish Internationalist with 44 caps. Ken also played in every one of Broomhill’s record breaking Scottish Cup wins. The team won 14 times in 15 years between 1979 and 1993. The year that they did not win was because a ‘time out’ was called by their West Section opponents, when level at three rubbers each. Justice, however, was served to that team, who where defeated in the final! Over all these years, only 12 players were used in the 14 finals. The most honoured players were K.Revie (14), A.Galbraith (14), I.Allan (11), R.Caldwell (11), A. Lackie (11). The Ladies team also won the Scottish Cup in 1983, beating Elderslie 5/2. The team consisted of Judy Erskine/Judy Crammond, Laura Boyd/Maureen Hayworth, Mairi McCulloch/Rona Harvie.


There are many stories to be told about the endeavours of the Mens’ team in their Scottish Cup campaigns. One in particular has to be recorded for posterity. The year was 1980, and having won the title for the first time in the previous year against Bridge of Allan, this final was also against the same team at their home club. With the match entirely level at four rubbers each, the last match on court would decide the outcome. This final rubber was a ‘nail biter,’ with Broomhill staring defeat in the face, as the valiant partnership of Bob Whitesmith and Kenny Head were down 2-5 in the final set. Alan Christie, president of Bridge of Allan, sensing victory, sent out for six bottles of champagne for their intended celebration. All was not last for Broomhill however, as the intrepid pair battled back to triumphantly take the last set 7-5, win their match, and the title for Broomhill. Out of such stories, legends are born. It is not known what happened to the champagne!


Another notable success occurred in the 1980 En Tous Cas winter league when the Broomhill team, having won the Scottish title, went on to win the British title. The team of Ronnie Caldwell/Joyce Leach and Alan Lackie/Isobel Stadele, took on the best from England, Ireland and Wales in a four Nations finals in Staleybridge. Thereafter having won the title, and not ones for resting on their laurels, Broomhill took on, and beat the Dutch champions in an International challenge match.


In 1984 Broomhill were named SLTA Club of the Year, while in the same year Ken Reevie took the accolade of Sportsman of the Year.


Team success continued but in terms of tennis league achievement, season 1994/95 was possibly the best, when the teams’ placing was as follows:-


Tennis  - Mens             1st Team           Premier Division

                                    2nd Team          1st Division

                                    3rd Team           2nd Division

                                    4th Team           4th Division

            - Ladies            1st Team           Premier Division

                                    2nd Team          4th Division

                                    3rd Team           6th Division

            - Juniors           5 Teams at different age groups


The Squash section was not to be outdone, and in their best season, 1996/97, the following was attained. [See pages 8 & 9 for separate Squash report]


Squash - Mens             4 Teams           1st Team in Premier Division     

            - Ladies            3 Teams           1st Team in Premier Division

            - Juniors           4 Teams           U12 won Scottish Team quaich

                                                            U14 won Scottish Team quaich

                                                            U16 undefeated in West of Scotland leagues

                                                            U19 undefeated in West of Scotland leagues



During 1996 the Club had a windfall, following H.M. Customs and Excise legislation allowing retrospective repayment of VAT on members’ subscriptions for prior years. This gave the Club some £15,000. The then president, Stewart Walker, thereafter put forward proposals to use this money towards totally revamping the Clubhouse and Grounds. A Special General Meeting was convened at which the full plans were given approval to proceed. The Club raised a further £15,000 loan from the Lawn Tennis Association, which together with a £20,000 grant from the Sports Council Lottery Fund, and the club’s own resources of some £20,000, meant that the £70,000 necessary was raised to carry out the work. This included the relaying of Astro turf on Courts 1 and 2, replacing Tennis fencing, creating a new Short Tennis court, installing and extending double-glazed picture windows overlooking the Tennis Courts, creating a new full-length Bar, re-positioning and upgrading the Junior room, and providing new curtains, carpets and chairs. It was at this time that the Club finally changed its address from 2 Mitre Road to 399 Crow Road. The reason being that after the Tunnel approach road was built in the late 1960s, Mitre Road became a cul-de-sac and the old entrance in Mitre Road was closed, with a new entrance being created on Crow Road.


The refurbishment was completed in time to host Broomhill’s first Grand Prix Squash Tournament on March 1997. This was granted a Grade Two status, with International ranking points, and saw a high level of British professional squash players competing. The title and the £1,000 first prize, out of a prize fund of £5,000, was won by Irish Internationalist Derek Ryan.


In 1997 the Club celebrated its 75th Anniversary by holding a 1920’s style fancy dress Tennis Tournament and Barbecue, with all the competitors playing with the obligatory wooden racquet. The 'good old days' it was not, with most complaining of ‘tennis elbow’ by the end of the day!


Since the heyday of the Club in the mid 1990’s it has, together with others throughout Scotland, seen a general decline in membership – mainly caused by the opening of Sports and Fitness clubs, and other leisure activities being made available to both senior and junior members. The age of the members seems to be growing older, with significantly in 1999, one of the ‘more mature’ gentleman players, past President, Stewart Walker, becoming Broomhill’s first veteran Scottish Internationalist! One other mature member who has to be mentioned, who was still playing tennis and squash in 2002, was 80 year old Dave McGorum, well respected throughout the West of Scotland for his superb racquet stringing.


In 2002 the membership was as follows:-

Honorary                                              20

Senior                                                  84

Student, Intermediate & Junior              40

Social & OAP                                      29



The Club has now settled down to a more comfortable existence of three men’s and three ladies Tennis teams, and three Squash teams. The emphasis now being in ‘taking part’ rather than the winning of titles – a much less stressful environment for all concerned. The greatest stress now is the Gents’ tennis teams having to make their own tea! In the AGM minutes for 1981 it is noted that the tennis convenor thanked the ‘tea girls’ for organising the match teas - a tradition now merely a distant memory in the annals of the club.



The Stuart Kilpatrick Cup


In 1979, following the death of Stuart Kilpatrick, aged 79, the committee proposed that in honour of his service to the club, and so that his name should not be forgotten, a cup should be presented annually in his memory. The recipient would be that club member who had put in considerable effort and had served exceptionally well for the club during that particular year. The recipients were as follows.


1980/81           Dave McGorum                       1992/93                    - 

1981/82           Trevor Newton                         1993/94                    -

1982/83           Hugh Ferguson                          1994/95                   -

1983/84                       -                                   1995/96           John Hannah

1984/85           Robert Whitesmith                    1996/97           Stewart Mackelvie

1985/86           Ronnie Caldwell                       1997/98           David Lamont              

1986/87           Russell Pickard                         1998/99           Liz Wilder

1987/88           Eddie Lambie                           2000                Ian Ross

1988/89           Betty Edmonstone                    2001                Douglas Henderson

1989/90           Bill Leach                                 2002                Claire Mackelvie

1990/91           Stewart Walker                        2003                Ian McCulloch

1991/92           Pete Taylor




Royal and Ancient Company of Gentlemen Golfers of Broomhill


RACOGGOB, although not known to the majority of Club members, has in fact been established since 1978.


At that time, some tennis players got together to form a ‘by invitation only’ club, for those members also interested in playing golf. The founder members were Ian McCulloch, Brian Millward, Russell Pickard, Pete Taylor, Dougie Whitelaw, John Robertson, Gavin Tait, Robert Whitesmith, and Neil Paterson.


Their first outing was at Lochgreen, Troon, and since then the members have travelled the width and breadth of Scotland to play their bi-annual tournament. Initially this started only as an annual event, but its popularity made it necessary to change this to twice per year – the first Friday of May and the first Friday of September. Handicaps are allocated at the discretion of the Captain, Ian McCulloch.


There is a special constitution, together with rules to which members have to adhere. The code of dress at dinner is strictly Grey flannel trousers, blue Blazer, and the bespoke Club tie. (Even Willie McGregor has to forsake his trademark red trousers!)


The rules, as you can imagine, have been tailored to meet everyone’s requirements. After one particularly stressful effort to play out of a bunker, the Bob Whitesmith rule was introduced. This meant that in the event of any Gentleman player being unable to clear the bunker after four shots, he was allowed to throw his ball out – providing any ball thrown therefrom did not land in the hole.


A magnificent trophy, and a green ‘semmit’ with the logo on the front and Champion on the back, is awarded to the yearly winner. Winners of the RACOGGOB trophy are listed below.


Year     Name               Venue                          Year     Name               Venue             

1978    D.Whitelaw      Troon                           1991    B.Benson         Pollok             

1979    R.Whitesmith    Troon                           1992    W.McGregor   Bogside    

1980    J.Robertson      Troon                           1993    R.Pickard         Buchanan Castle

1981    R.Pickard         Troon                           1994    R.Agnew          Buchanan Castle

1982    G.Tait               Helensburgh                 1995    B.Millward       Buchanan Castle

1983    G.Tait               Troon                           1996    J.Kay               Buchanan Castle

1984    J.Dalby             Dalmilling                      1997    I.McCulloch     Buchanan Castle

1985    J.Robertson      Helensburgh                 1998    I.McCulloch     Buchanan Castle

1986    G.Hanna           Caldwell                       1999    W.McGregor   Buchanan Castle

1987    P.McAlear       Caldwell                       2000    Pickard/Dalby  Port Patrick

1988    W.McGregor   Bogside                        2001    P.McAlear       Port Patrick

1989    J.Dalby             PortPatrick                   2002    Not played            -

1990    W.McGregor   Bogside                        2003    P.McAlear       Hilton






The Inverclyde Weekends


These famous (or infamous!) week-ends took place for some 20 years, spread from the 1950’s, throughout the 1960’s, and into the 1970’s. They were ‘gentlemen only’ arrangements, purportedly to play tennis in the relaxing atmosphere of the Inverclyde National Sporting Centre at Largs. Arriving on a Friday night about 8.00 p.m., the tennis would soon start, and continue on the wooden indoor floor well into the early hours, sometimes until 3.00 a.m. The next day saw a quick lunch time pint at the Queens Hotel, perhaps a bet at the local bookies, some outdoor tennis in the afternoon, and onto The Moorings in the evening for some Saturday night dancing.


The normal attendance varied between 16 and 20 souls - souls being the operative word - as the bodies had been well and truly left behind long before their return to Broomhill. As well as tennis, also featured were the card schools and late night drinking sessions. It was a well known fact that Centre’s pot plants thrived on re-cycled diced carrots and McEwans export! However, some of the stories concerning the ‘goings-on’ do not merit publication in this family read History of Broomhill.


One such story (herein censored) centres around a certain Tennis champion, a certain Squash champion, and a certain Squash team member. Legend has it that following a night of imbibing the local brew, a comely wench was espied, and invited back to the ‘family manor house’ for supper. The chaps, being of a sporting nature, just so happened to have a pack of playing cards, and in order to maintain good relations with this friendly native, invited the aforementioned wench to a game……of strip poker! All did not go according to plan, however. Broomhill’s best were beaten. The likely lads ended up wearing just their trendy M.&S.designer cotton ‘Y’s’, while the comely wench had maintained her maiden’s honour, still clad in her becoming knee-length boots, mini-skirt, turtle neck ribbed sweater (tight fitting), and not a hair out of place of her immaculately coiffured bouffant hair-do.……So it is told.


























Squash History


Following the completion of the current Clubhouse and Squash courts in 1972, the squash section quickly became an important part of the Club’s activities. By 1978 the Gents first team was in Division 1 and the second team in Division 2, while the Ladies first team, unbeaten throughout the season, were runners-up in Division 1, with the second team in Division 2. The Ladies team won the Division 1 title for the first time in 1979 and progressed to win the Scottish 1st Division in 1985.


It was in 1978 that Joyce Leach (16) won the West of Scotland U19 Championship – one of the first of her many accolades. 1980 saw Joyce ranked No.1 at U19 in Scotland. After finishing her studies at college, Joyce coached for two years in Spain at Valencia and Barcelona. In 1986 she became a full time professional, playing throughout the world – South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Zambia – and was ranked No. 33 in the World. Unfortunately injuries stopped her professional career, but she is still playing at the top level, representing Kent in the British Police championships.


In 1980 fellow team member Nanette Mutrie was ranked No.1 in the West of Scotland, and No.5 in Scotland. Nanette has continued playing squash throughout the years, gaining an outstanding 31 International caps at Senior and Veteran levels.


It was in 1981, however, that saw the emergence of Broomhill’s best ever squash player, Alan Thomson. Alan started playing squash, aged 15, in 1975, and by 1981 he was ranked No.1 in the West of Scotland.

In 1985, Alan was selected to play for, and captain, the Scottish Team at the World Championships in Cairo. His temperament on court was exemplary and in 1988 he was awarded the Fair Player of the Tournament at the European Squash Championships.

Becoming older seemed to increase his endeavour, and in 1992 he captained Scotland to win the European Squash Championships – on the way beating the current silver and current bronze medallists from the 1992 World Championships.

His experience awarded him the appointment as manager of the Scottish Squash team in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

In 2003, aged 43, he was still playing at the highest level, winning the club championship at Colets Squash Club in Surrey, which became the top English team   by winning the National Club Championships.

Alan’s achievements are so numerous that they merit special mention, and accordingly have been listed separately on page 9.


Senior Scottish International caps won by Broomhill squash players were, Nanette Mutrie - 4 caps, Joyce Leach - 10 caps, and Alan Thomson - a staggering 75 caps. While at Veterans level Leslie Craigie gained 2 caps, Nanette Mutrie 27 caps and Alan Thomson 17 caps  - making this an astounding 96 caps in total!


During the heyday of Squash in the 1990’s Broomhill had four Mens’ teams, three Ladies’ teams and four Junior teams. Then, court time was at a premium, and it was absolute sacrosanct that no booking was made on any evening before 7.30 p.m. for the next week’s courts. By 2002 however – in common with most other clubs – squash had become less popular, by which time the club had two Mens’ teams and one Ladies’ teams.





            CLUB MEMBERS                                       JOYCE LEACH


Scottish Junior Nationals - Boys U 16          West of  Scotland – U 19 – 1978,79,80

1985                Stuart Forrester

                                                                        Scottish Schoolgirls – U 18 - 1979

Scottish Closed - Ladies

1980                Nanette Mutrie                         West of Scotland Senior – 1984,85


Scottish Nationals – Ladies O 40                  Scottish Standard Life Team

1984                Leslie Craigie                                                    Captain – 1984,85,86

1985                Leslie Craigie

1994               Leslie Craigie                            Greece Open – 1982  Semi-finalist     

1995                Nanette Mutrie

                        Israel Open – 1983  Semi-finaliist

Scottish Nationals – Ladies O 45

1999                Nanette Mutrie                         Spanish Open – 1984 Runner-up


Scottish Nationals – Ladies O 50                  Zambia Open – 1985 Winner

2003                Nanette Mutrie

                                                                        Valencia Open – 1986 Winner


                                                                        Andorra Open – 1986 Winner


                                                                        Spanish Closed – 1986 Winner





(excludes minor tournaments and club championships)


West of Scotland Champion – Winner 4 times. Runner-up 4 times.


Scottish Team Debut – Home Internationals at Belfast 1985.


Scottish Closed Champion  - 1986.


British Amateur Champion – 1987.


Middlesex Closed Champion – 1988,1990,1991,1992,1995,1998,2001,2002.


Middlesex Open Champion – 1991.


European Championships – 1992 - Team captain gold medallist.


Scottish National Champion – Men O 35 – 1995,1996,1998,1999,2000,2001.


British National Champion  - Men O 35 – 1996.




Tennis Champions

Year                President                   Gents                          Ladies

1922                                                    J.S.Rankin                   Miss R.McEarhran

1923                                                    J.S.Rankin                    Miss M.Hoey

1924                                                    J.Clark                         Miss M.Hoey

1925                                                    R.Collie                        Miss N.Dunlop

1926                                                    A.Collie                        Miss M.J.H.Cassie

1927                                                    A.Collie                        Miss N.Gilchrist

1928                                                    R.Collie                        Miss J.Warren

1929                                                    A.Collie                        Miss G.Smillie

1930                                                    J.Rennie                       Miss G.Smillie

1931                                                    J.Rennie                       Miss G.Yuill

1932                                                    W.H.Collie                   Miss F.Smillie

1933                                                    G.C.McColl                 Miss A.H.G.Gillespie

1934                                                    R.Morrison                   Miss G.Yuill

1935                                                    D.McFarlane                Miss M.D.Muir

1936                                                    R.S.M.McFarlane        Miss M.D.Muir

1937                                                    W.H.Collie                   Miss M.D.Muir

1938                                                    Not competed              Not competed

1939                                                    Not competed              Miss J.H.M.Paton

1940                                                    A.H.Heaton                  Mrs J.D.Lockhart

1941/46                                               No competition No competition

1947                                                    W.R.Pringle                  Miss E.Gibson

1948*              D.M.Norris                  W.R.Pringle                  Mrs E.McKenzie

1949                J.McLean                     W.Porter                      Miss S.Mills

1950                M.N.Ritchie                 W.Porter                      Mrs E.McKenzie

1951                I.F.Fraser                     W.Porter                      Miss M.Killey

1952                I.F.Fraser                     J.F.Hunter                    Miss S.Mills

1953                I.F.Fraser                     J.F.Hunter                    Miss D.Halcrow

1954                I.F.Fraser                     J.F.Hunter                    Miss M.Currie

1955                I.F.Fraser                     J.F.Hunter                    Miss N.Hutton

1956                M.B.Reid                     J.F.Hunter                    Mrs M.Rundlett

1957                M.B.Reid                     S.Donaldson                 Miss K.Johannson

1958                D.H.Laird                     N.Smith                        Miss D.Barclay

1959                D.H.Laird                     N.Smith                        Mrs D.H.Laird

1960                I.B.Macowan               G.Beveridge                 Miss V.R.Conacher

1961                I.B.Macowan               S.Donaldson                 Mrs M.Caldwell

1962                J.B.Cowie                    S.Donaldson                 Miss L.Jonker

1963                J.B.Cowie                    S.Donaldson                 Mrs M.Caldwell

1964                R.L Mauchline              K.W.Head                   Miss D.Barclay

1965                R.L.Mauchline              K.W.Head                   Miss D.Barclay

1966                J.F.Hunter                    S.Donaldson                 Miss L.Macdonald

1967                J.F.Hunter                    D.R.Abbott                  Not competed

1968                J.F.Hunter                    I.A.McCulloch             Mrs L.Macdonald

1969                I.C.Ross                       S.Donaldson                 Mrs S.Cranstoun

1970                I.A.Kydd                     I.A.McCulloch             Mrs S.Cranstoun

1971                I.A. Kydd                    Not competed              Not competed                                      * Private ownership ceased and Broomhill LTC created




( New Clubhouse together with two squash courts completed in 1972 )

Tennis Champions                 Squash Champions

Year    President        Gents              Ladies             Gents              Ladies


1972/73  I.A.Kydd                I.A.McCulloch      M.Lennox              K.W.Head             L.Craigie

1973/74  I.A.Kydd                K.M.Revie             M.Lennox              N.Pollock               L.Craigie               

1974/75  I.A.Kydd                K.M.Revie             M.McCulloch       D.King                   L.Craigie

1975/76  I.A.Kydd                K.M.Revie             M.McCulloch       A.Duncan              N.Mutrie

1976/77  R.Normand             K.M.Revie             L.Craige                 D.King                   N.Mutrie

1977/78  R.Normand             N.R.Paterson         M.McCulloch       I.Henderson          N.Mutrie

1978/79  T.A.T.Newton       K.M.Revie             M.McCulloch       D.King                   N.Mutrie

1979/80  T.A.T.Newton       K.M.Revie             J.C.Leach               A.Thomson           N.Mutrie

1980/81  P.A.McAlear         K.M.Revie             J.C.Leach               A.Thomson           J.C.Leach

1981/82  P.A.McAlear         A.Lackie                J.C.Leach               A.Thomson           J.C.Leach

1982/83  B.Benson               A.Lackie                Not competed       A.Thomson           J.C.Leach

1983/84  B.Benson               R.Caldwell             J.Erskine                K.Whitehill            E.Smith

1984/85  D.W.Marshall        I.J.Allan                 J.Erskine                S.F.Ross                J.C.Leach

1985/86  D.W.Marshall        B.Dodds                L.C.Boyd               B.Boswell              N.Mutrie

1986/87   D.W.Marshall       M.J.S.Cranstoun  J.Erskine                C.Bell                      J.C.Leach

1987/88  D.W.Marshall        M.J.S.Cranstoun  M.Hayworth         W.Boswell             J.C.Pollock

1988/89  N.Patrick                 M.J.S.Cranstoun  M.McCulloch       P.Ansbro               J.C.Pollock

1989/90  A.M.Nisbett          M.J.S.Cranstoun  S.J.Anderson        S.Hefferman          J.C.Pollock

1990/91  A.M.Nisbett          H.Stewart               M.Hayworth         P.Ansbro               Not competed

1991/92  A.M.Nisbett          B.Dodds                S.Whitesmith        A.B.Galbraith        J.C.Pollock            

1992/93  R.P.Whitesmith     H.Stewart               E.Adams                A.B.Galbraith        Not competed

1993/94  R.P.Whitesmith     B.Dodds                L.Middleton          A.B.Galbraith        J.C.Pollock

1994/95  J.D.Henderson      A.Ralston              Not competed       A.B.Galbraith        J.C.Pollock

1995/96  J.D.Henderson      A.Ralston              E.Adams                A.B.Galbraith        C.Towers 

1996/97  S.M.Walker            A.Ralston              M.Hayworth         M.Woods              Not competed

1997/98  S.M.Walker            A.Ralston              S.Adam                  M.Woods              Not competed

1998/99  I.C.Ross                  Not competed       Not competed       S.F.Ross                F.McMillan

1999/00  I.C.Ross                  D.Lamont               C.Young                A.Macbean           F.McMillan

2000/01  K.McDonach         D.Lamont               C.Young                A.Macbean           M.Macrae

2001/02  K.McDonach         D.Lamont               C.Young                A.Macbean           Not competed

2002/03  G.Roberts               D.Lamont               R.Adam                  A.Macbean           Not competed

2003/04  G.Roberts               D.Lamont               C.Young                A.Macbean           Not competed

2004/05  I.A.McCulloch      D.Lamont               C.Young                A.Macbean           Not competed


Mixed Doubles

1948        W.R.Pringle / Miss E.M.Paton                           1949        R.L.Caldwell / Miss M.Main

1950        Not competed                                                       1951        W.Neil / Mrs C.Corbett

1952        J.F.Hunter / Miss R.Hill                                       1953        N.A.G.Runciman /Miss P.E.G.Thomson

1954        J.F.Hunter / Miss R.Hill                                       1955        S.Bradley / Miss N.Hutton

1956        S.Donaldson / Miss R.Laing                              1957        I.C.Ross / Miss V.R. Conacher

1958        Not competed                                                      1959        A.Shaw / Miss A.A.Kinghorn

1960        J.F.Hunter / Miss S.Buchanan                           1961        J.Caldwell / Mrs M.Caldwell

1962        C.Dand / Miss A.Ross                                        1963        D.I Stuart / Miss C.Adams

1964        G.Brown / Miss P.Weston                                  1965        J.F.Hunter / Miss V.R.Conacher

1966        J.F.Hunter / Mrs M.Norris                                  1967        Not competed

1968        Not competed                                                       1969        D.M.Cranstoun / Mrs S.Cranstoun

1970        J.F.Howie / Miss E.M.Campbell                         1971        Not competed

1972        I.A.McCulloch / Mrs M.McCulloch                 1973        I.A.McCulloch / Mrs M.McCulloch

1974        R.Caldwell / Miss A.Walker                               1975        R.Caldwell / Mrs M.Paterson

1976        N.Paterson / Miss A.Lonsdale                          1977        A.Lackie / Miss J.Leach

1978        Not competed                                                       1979        Not competed

1980        J.C.Kerr / Miss C.Pyne ( Cup thereafter kept by a certain female winner for some 19 years!)

1999        D.Lamont / Mrs J.Scott                                       2000        S.M.Walker / Miss C.Young

2001        S.M.Walker / Miss C.Young                              2002        D.Lamont / Miss C.Mackelvie

2003        S.M.Walker/Miss A.Smollett                             2004        J.Russell/ Mrs H.Parton





Scottish Cup Wins - Gents

1979 – beat Bridge of Allan – 5/3.

            K,Revie/A.McNab, A.Galbraith/N.Paterson, R.Caldwell/K.Head.

1980 – beat Bridge of Allan – 5/4.

            K/Revie/ A.Lackie, A.Galbraith/N.Paterson, K.Head/R.Whitesmith.

1981 – beat Newlands – 5/1.

            K.Revie/R.Stadele, A.Galbraith/A.Lackie, R.Caldwell/K.Head.

1982 – beat St. Serfs – 5/1.

            K.Revie/I.Allan, A.Galbraith/A.Lackie, R.Caldwell/D.Morrison.

1983 – beat St. Serfs – 5/1.

            K.Revie/I.Allan, A.Galbraith/A.Lackie, R.Caldwell/D.Morrison.

1984 – beat St. Serfs – 5/1.

            K.Revie/I.Allan, A.Galbraith/A.Lackie, R.Caldwell/D.Morrison.

1985 – beat Giffnock – 5/2.

            K.Revie/A.Lackie, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, B.Dodds/ D.Morrison.

1986 – beat Giffnock – 6/3.

            K.Revie/A.Lackie, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, R.Caldwell/R.Whitesmith.

1987 – beat Giffnock – 5/1.

            K.Revie/A.Lackie, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, R.Caldwell/A.Lackie.

1988 – lost in West Section – 3/3. Opposing team called time – lost on count back.

            K.Revie/I.Allan, R.Caldwell/A.Lackie, B.Dodds/A.Wright.

1989 -  beat Whitecraigs – 5/3.

            K.Revie/B.Dodds, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, R.Caldwell/A.Lackie.

1990 – beat Whitecraigs – 5/4.

            K.Revie/A.Lackie, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, R.Caldwell/H.Stewart.

1991 – beat Giffnock – 5/2.

            K.Revie/B.Dodds, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, R.Caldwell/D.Morrison.

1992 – beat Newlands – 5/4.

            K.Revie/B.Dodds, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, R.Caldwell/A.Lackie.

1993 – beat Giffnock – 5/2.

            K.Revie/O.Hadden, A.Galbraith/I.Allan, A.Lackie/B.Dodds.


Scottish Cup Wins – Ladies

1983 – beat Elderslie – 5/2

            J.Erskine/J.Crammond, L.Boyd/M.Hayworth, M. McCulloch/R.Harvie.


Division 1 / Premier League Champions – Gents

1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981,1982, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993.

Division 1 / Premier League Champions – Ladies

1980,1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1994.


Clydesdale Cup

Div 2 – 1948,1969.   Div 1 – 1979,1980,1983,1984,1985,1989,1991,1992.

Senior Calcutta Cup


Junior Calcutta Cup

1992, 1993.




The Scottish Championships

 Mens Singles

1977                                                                                                        K.M.Revie


Mens Doubles

1982                                                                                                        K.M.Revie and D.J.Watt

1992                                                                                                        B.Dodds and M.Watt


Mixed Doubles

1981                                                                                                        K.M.Revie and Miss J.M.Erskine


Mens Singles – 21 and under

1974                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1975                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1976                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1977                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1979`                                                   A.B.Galbraith


Mens Doubles – 21 and under

1976                                                                                                        K.M.Revie and I.H.M.Dewar

1977                                                                                                        A. Chisholm and D.J.Watt

1978                                                                                                        A.Chisholm and D.J.Watt

1979                                                                                                        A.B.Galbraith and D.J.Watt

1982                                                                                                        I.J.Allan and S.D.Jones


Boys Singles – 18 and under

1972                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1973                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1974                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1976                                                    A.Chisholm

1979                                                    A.B.Galbraith

1980                                                                                                        A.B.Galbraith


Boys Doubles – 18 and under

1971                                                                                                        K.M.Revie and I.H.M.Dewar

1972                                                                                                        K.M.Revie and I.H.M.Dewar

1977                                                    R.Caldwell and D.J.Watt

1980                                                    A.B.Galbraith and R.A.Stadele

1981                                                                                                        I.J.Allan and R.W.Scott

Boys Singles – 15 and under

1968                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1969                                                                                                        A.M.Revie

1971                                                    K.M.Revie

1978    `                                               I.J.Allan

Boys Doubles – 15 and under

1976                                                    A.B.Galbraith and K.E.G.Gilbert

1978                                                                                                        A.B.Galbraith and R.A.Stadele

1979                                                                                                        I.J.Allan and R.A.M.Lumsden

1980                                                    A.B.Galbraith and M.Sproule





The Scottish Hard Court Championships

Mens Singles

1982                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1979                                                    K.M.Revie

1983                                                    K.M.Revie


Mens Doubles

1975                                                    K.M.Revie and N.R.Paterson

1978                                                    K.M.Revie and G.O.Notman

1980                                                                                                        K.M.Revie and D.J.Watt

1982                                                    I.J.Allan and S.Montgomery   


Mixed Doubles

1975                                                    K.M.Revie and Miss M.Sinclair

1981                                                                                                        A.B.Galbraith and Miss S.F.McCulloch

1982                                                    I.J.Allan and Miss L.J.Reid

1984                                                    I.J.Allan and Miss L.J.Reid  


Boys Singles – 18 and under

1973                                                    K.M.Revie

1989                                                                                                        M.Cranstoun



The Scottish National Chanpionships

Mens Singles

1984                                                                     K.M.Revie

1989                                                                                                        K.M.Revie


Mens Doubles

1985                                                    K.M.Revie and I.J.Allan

1986                                                    K.M.Revie and I.J.Allan

1988                                                    K.M.Revie and I.J.Allan

1989                                                                                                        K.M.Revie and I.J.Allan

1991                                                    K.M.Revie and I.J.Allan


Veteran Mens Singles

1995                                                    S.M.Walker



The Scottish Indoor Championships

Mens Singles

1974                                                    K.M.Revie

1982                                                                                                        K.M.Revie

1989                                                                                                        M.Cranstoun




Ken Revie is the most capped Scottish Internationalist with 44 caps





The Scottish Junior Indoor Champioships


Boys Singles – 18 and under

1972                                                    K.M.Revie

1973                                                    K.M.Revie

1978                                                    A.B.Galbraith  

1979                                                    A.B.Galbraith

1981                                                     I.J.Allan 

1989                                                                                                        M.Cranstoun 


Boys Doubles – 18 and under

1972                                                    K.M.Revie and I.H.M.Dewar  

1973                                                    K.M.Revie and I.H.M.Dewar  

1978                                                    A.B.Galbraith and R.A.Stadele 

1979                                                    A.B.Galbraith and R.A.Stadele

1980                                                    I.J.Allan and R.W.Scott

1981                                                    I.J.Allan and D.K.Bann                       

1988                                                    M.Cranstoun and K.Wood

1989                                                    M.Cranstoun and D.Sword






Winners from Broomhill in these Championships, both at Senior and Junior level, are quite considerable. The Championships stretch back some 100 years, so the reader can understand that many winners in the past are unknown to the writer. Accordingly, in order to prevent any inaccuracies as regards omissions etc in the earlier years, it was felt that it was better not to attempt the task of listing Broomhill winners.


However, if the reader requires more information about these Championships, and their winners, please refer to the newly published ‘100 Years of Tennis in the West of Scotland published by the WSLTA, or Tennis West Scotland as they are now known.








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