Broomhill Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
- Glasgow

Squash -


Broomhill, unlike many of its competitor tennis clubs, is blessed with a couple of squash courts too, enabling many members to play tennis in the summer and squash in the winter!

Court Booking

  • Squash courts can be booked via the online Clubspark system ( and app.  You’ll need to login on the desktop version to verify your account before setting up the app on your phone.
  • All new members will be sent an email welcoming them to the online system after they join the club.  If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder.
  • After you’ve registered, search for Booker Clubspark on your phone, login with your details and select Broomhill Lawn Tennis and Squash Club as your home venue (if you haven’t verified your account first the club doesn’t come up).
  • The system will allow you to book courts from 9am and with the last court ending at 10pm
  • The advance booking period is 7 days and booking slot is 30 minutes
  • Maximum number of bookings per user: 1 hour per day
  • If you no longer need a court, please cancel it so that other members can access it.  Any members found to be abusing the system, i.e. booking courts and not using them, risk being removed from the system.
  • Booking is advisable at peak times, especially during the winter season when courts may be pre-reserved for team matches (Ladies – Monday evenings, Gents – Wednesday evenings) and for coaching and/or practice.
  • Match details are displayed on the downstairs noticeboard and will appear on Clubspark

At off-peak times, particularly during the summer months, booking is advisable but not always necessary.

Court Usage – There is a meter charge of £1 per 20 minutes for court heating and lighting.

Competitive Squash

Broomhill LTSC has a fine squash heritage, with much success over the years, both for its teams and for notable individuals. Currently, there are 3 Gents and 2 Ladies teams competing in the West of Scotland winter squash leagues.

All members, and new members when they feel ready, are encouraged to try to reach team standard and play for one of the teams. Aspiring team players should contact the relevant convenor – Paul King for the Gents (07724 242519) and Liz Wilder for the Ladies – 0141 772 8860  – and should bear in mind Paul’s motto, “Embrace the challenge”!

Social Squash

Players of all standards are invited to take part in the monthly mini-leagues which run both in summer and winter. This allows new members to become involved in the Club and to meet other players of a similar standard. To join the mini-leagues just add your name to the list (and your contact details) and/or contact Henry Elliott (07599 797969).

Eye Protection

Following a discussion at the club AGM, the Management Committee wishes to take this opportunity to encourage squash playing members to seriously consider wearing eye protection.  This is not something that the club can enforce for players above the age of eighteen, but we are duty bound to alert members to potential risks and to advise accordingly.  Occurrences of players being hit in the eye are thankfully extremely rare, and it is even more unusual for any such event to lead to permanent damage.  However, it is a real risk and no one should believe that it will never happen to them.  Goggles can be bought for as little as £15.00, and there are varying styles to suit players’ preferences.  It is pleasing to report a noticeable increase in the number of members who are wearing eye protection, but the Management Committee would like that number increase to the point that it becomes standard practice in the club.