Broomhill Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
- Glasgow

Summer Ratings Tournament

LTA Grade 4 Tournament: WSC19S0066

SUNDAY 4th to SATURDAY 10th JULY 2021

ENTRIES CLOSE: Saturday 26th JUNE 2021

ENTRY FEE £10.00

A Singles Tournament that is open to all ages and all levels of ability.

The format ensures that players compete against other players of a similar rating and ability. Winners of the early rounds can progress not only to the final of their own draw, but will have the opportunity to advance to a higher rated draw.

Play will be at week-ends and week day evenings

Apply Online

Enter via the LTA web site

Tournament code: WSC 21 0050 or by contacting us via our website

Pay by Cheque

If you wish to pay by cheque you can Download this form


  1. The Tournament is sanctioned by the Lawn Tennis Association and will be conducted under the current Rules of that body, the Rules of Tennis, the Regulations for the Management of Tournaments and The Code of Conduct. Subject to these Rules, the decision of the Tournament Management Committee (hereinafter called “The Committee”) shall in all matters concerned with the Tournament be final.
  2. ENTRIES must be submitted on the official entry form by Saturday 26th June 2021 together with the appropriate entry fee to:-
    Broomhill Tennis, 399 Crow Road, Broomhill, Glasgow, G11 7DZ. Enquiries to 07980 369 850.
    N.B. A separate entry form must be sent for each competitor.  Entry fees will not be refunded except in the event of illness/injury substantiated by a medical certificate.
    Players are not permitted to enter two or more tournaments which operate on the same dates without the agreement of the referees (LTA Regulation 3.7)
    The withdrawal deadline is Sunday 27th June 2021 (LTA Regulation 7.4)
  3. The Committee reserves the powers to
    (a) refuse entries unless made in writing on the official entry form accompanied by the full amount of the entry fee
    (b) refuse an entry with justifiable  reason
    (c) modify the programme as may be necessary
    (d) alter the conditions in any way it thinks proper.
  4. Information about the time and place of the Draw can be obtained from the Tournament Entry Secretary. Players will be notified of the time of their first match by post. Players with a rating of 9.2 – 10.2 should be prepared to play their first match on Sunday 4th July. Telephone enquires about times of play can also be made to 07980 369 850.
  5. PLAY
    (a) Venue – Broomhill Tennis & Squash Club, 399 Crow Road, Broomhill, Glasgow G11 7DZ.
    (b) Referee: Mr. Stewart Walker (07980 369 850)
    (c) Sets – All matches will be the best of three tie-break sets.
    (d) Balls – Official ITF balls will be used during the Tournament; loser of match keeps the balls.
    (e) Dress – Recognised tennis attire must be worn. NB No large logos (max. size 3 square inches) will be permitted. Coloured clothing may be worn at the discretion of the referee.
    (f) Footwear – Players must wear rubber-soled tennis shoes appropriate for the playing surface and without raised heels or spikes.
    (g) Surface – The surface at Broomhill is sand filled artificial grass but the Committee reserves the right to arrange matches on different surfaces as is deemed necessary and play may be under floodlights.
  6. Information given in this entry form may be held in a computer data base. Photographs taken during the event may be used by BLTC for publications, training purposes, on its website, and by the media in general. Entry into the tournament implies full acceptance of this condition.
  7. No complaints in connection with the Tournament can be entertained unless made in writing and lodged with the Secretary within 48 hours of the incident concerned.
  8. Any person who enters this tournament and plays in a match does so at his/her own risk and there can be no claim against the organisers for any injury he/she may sustain unless the organisers have been guilty of negligence